Is An Online Teaching Certification Program Right For You?

Are you ready to start your teaching career, but you are still on the fence on whether TeacherReady® is the best fit for you?  Then, you have come to the right place.  Choosing the right program is extremely important to your development and success as a certified teacher.   It is easy to become overwhelmed with all the options available to you, whether it’s other online teaching certification programs, or even traditional routes.  At TeacherReady®, we pride ourselves on helping you weigh all of your options, so you can make the best decision to advance your teaching career.

Before we talk about our program, take a few seconds and ask yourself these three simple questions:

  1. What is my career goal?
  2. What am I looking for in a program?
  3. How soon do I want to be certified?

Now that you have thought about these questions, let’s discuss why TeacherReady® may be the best fit for you, keeping in mind your answers to the questions above.

Online Learning. Anytime, Anywhere.

In online teacher certification programs, you have the benefit of enhanced flexibility.  Unlike other programs, you will have control of your coursework schedule. You will not be required to log into your course at specific times or visit a brick and mortar college campus.

An Accelerated Solution

You can work through our program at an accelerated pace.  Whether you are currently working on a temporary certification, or you are just eager to start your teaching profession, you can finish our program in less than a year. If you really dedicate your time to your studies, it is possible to finish in 6 months.

Affordable Tuition

There are no out-of-state fees for tuition. Instead, tuition is a flat rate for all students.  In comparison, according to the College Board, the average cost of tuition and fees for the 2016-2017 school year was over $33,000 at private colleges, over $9,000 for state residents at public colleges, and nearly $24,000 for out-of-state residents.  These costs are annual.

Continuous Improvement

Teachers must always be learning. Once you have your certificate, you will be required to earn additional college credits or participate in school district professional development activities to renew your certification. Teachers who hold a Master’s in Education have the potential to earn higher wages.  So, it may make sense to continue your education in a master’s of education program. Master’s credits are even more expensive.

Student success is our top priority. To help teachers continually improve in the classroom, we have developed partnerships aimed toward lifelong learning and support. You can make your TeacherReady® tuition go twice as far by continuing your education with Colorado State University Global Campus.

  • Earn one third of your master’s degree through TeacherReady®. CSU Global Campus offers 12 credits in their Teaching and Learning Master’s program for student who have completed TeacherReady®.
  • Join the TeacherReady® Alumni Association. Stay connected with the 2,000+ TeacherReady® teachers who are molding students all across the world. We share resources, tools, and practices from our collective experiences.

Practical Application

Learn new skills and methods that are aimed at student achievement.  You will have the opportunity to directly apply your learnings in the field through your field placement. Caitlin Friend, a TeacherReady® instructor, compared her experience in a traditional program to TeacherReady®:

I feel as though this program is more beneficial for teachers than both my bachelor’s degree and master’s degree… This program equips teachers with assignments that are very practical and can be applied in the classroom the same week the assignment is completed. I tell students all the time that I wish I had this program to go through before I ever became a teacher. 

TeacherReady® Success Team

We will pair you with the TeacherReady® team members who specialize in helping you achieve your goals We support our students with:

Our program solves many problems unique to adult students, today. These are just some the benefits that help us do that.  If you are thinking about an online program to earn certification, we have someone who can answer your questions and help you decide what path works for you.

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