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For the love of Football

Before leaving college, Zack Fleming knew teaching was his passion. He realized this during his collegiate athletic career. Zack wasn’t one to sit on the sidelines and watch the game. While experiencing some significant injuries, he asked his coach what he could do to help. His coach told him to help teach/coach the younger kids.

I fell in love with it. I loved watching our kids grow and develop. It was really fun to help them through the things they struggled with and the ultimate success was watching them defeat it.

Instead of graduating with his undergraduate degree and going straight into the workforce, he decided to stay in school and go for his Master’s. While working on his Master’s, he served as a Graduate Assistant Football Coach at Carson-Newman University for two years. Zack also went through the TeacherReady® program during his Master’s so he could start teaching and coaching as soon as possible. Zack told us one of the biggest things TeacherReady taught him was scaffolding. He said having this topic engraved in his mind during the program was paramount for the success of his students.

I want kids to be at a certain level. I want kids to have a certain level of success. Being able to tend to each kid’s need individually has flipped the way I teach and coach.

Don’t chase money, chase passion

Zack Fleming: Chase passionDo something with your life that makes you happy, not rich. If you chase your passion, money will follow.” Zack’s uncle gave him that sound advice.

If you are going into teach for the money, you will never be satisfied. Teaching isn’t always easy, and there are tough times, but doing what he loves made this career choice easy for Zack. He now teaches and coaches at Dobyns-Bennett High School as an Assistant Football Coach.

I’ve never had to go to work. I have the pleasure of journeying through life with hundreds of students every day.

Chase passion like Zack.


Savannah Cox, Studer Education

Featured Image: Dobyns-Bennet Quaterback Club • Additional Image Provided By Fleming Himself

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