Why have you decided to become a teacher?

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Educators change lives. There are many reasons why candidates, just like you, choose our flexible online teaching certification program. However, all have the same purpose behind the decision: to pursue a passion in teaching and make a difference.

Why have you decided to enter our online teacher certification program? Below are the some of the reasons our students chose us to turn their goal of becoming a teacher into reality:

Career Change

The most important outcome for me from this program is for me to get finally get my teacher certification so I can reach my goal of being a Physical Education teacher. A goal I had since I was in middle school, but I had lost my focus and went off track along the way. I got distracted and too comfortable in my current job that pays well but which I am not happy in at all. I’ve realized that and remembered that I want to be an active role model in society.

Also, in addition I would like to better my skills in the classroom to be a better teacher. As a substitute teacher for 2 years and long term subbing certain classes for a month, although I felt I did a really good job, but from watching the actual full time teachers I realized I still had a lot to learn when it comes to running my own classroom all year. Also, learning these skills, I hope would help me more with my confidence in the classroom, which is another thing I hope to get out of this program.

Professional Development

In my case, I hope to learn the theories behind education so that I can apply them in the classroom. I think that if I’m more aware of the driving forces behind a quality classroom experience then I’ll be a better teacher going forward.

In terms of my own experience, I have taught in a classroom setting for about four years (and two years at a training center), so I’m already quite comfortable as a teacher. My development going forward will be more about growing my skills and understanding, rather than overcoming the initial stage-fright.

The certification is also quite important to me, as I am teaching abroad and would like to move my career forward.

I goal for myself and the TeacherReady program is that I become a more effective teacher. I would love to have the support to build better lesson plans and gain more prospective on class room management. I would love to have the personal knowledge from other teachers and other administrative staff. I believe that the TeacherReady program will help me in my process of learning more about the teaching career and what it takes to help our students succeed.


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