Subject Area Exam

Take by Lesson 3

Tests your proficiency in the subject matter that you plan to teach, both in content knowledge and methods of teaching your subject area. Best practices in teaching for improved student achievement (including pedagogy, instructional tactics, strategies, and measurements) are included in the TeacherReady® curriculum, but they are not specific to your subject area (e.g., math, science, etc.).  It is important that you prepare for this exam using study materials.

General Knowledge Exam

Take by Lesson 5

Tests your skills and comprehension in writing, reading, English, and math.

Professional Education Exam

Take by Lesson 7

Tests your mastery of educational pedagogy and classroom skills. TeacherReady® curriculum will prepare you for much of the content covered in the this exam. However, it will be necessary to prepare using independent study materials.

Partner with a Preparation Program

The Learning Liaisons have been a long-time partner with TeacherReady®. They are an online teacher certification exam preparation program. Their #1 goal is to help you pass your FTCE exams. They are a top choice for study preparation among our students.





We have developed a comprehensive guide to the Florida Teacher Certification Exams, including a list of study guides that you might consider in your preparation.



With the exception of a few Subject Area Exams, the FTCE exams can be taken in any state. For those with base access, exams can also be taken on most military bases, overseas. Find the testing center nearest you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When do I need to take the three state certification tests?

In order to stay aligned with a project 9-month schedule, we recommend that you take the Subject Area Exam by the end of the TeacherReady Lesson 3, the General Knowledge Exam by the end of TeacherReady Lesson 5, and the Professional Education Exam by the end of TeacherReady Lesson 7. We highly recommend study guides for each of the three tests.

Please know that it takes at least 30 days for official test scores to post and an additional 30 days for the FLDOE to update your statement of eligibility of certification. Both of these things must occur before we can file your TeacherReady completion paperwork with the FLDOE.  Please take this time frame in account when scheduling your exams.

If you are overseas and do not have access to a military base that issues the exams, you will likely need to schedule all three exams during your next trip to the United States.

How do I register and prepare for the Florida Teacher Certification Exams?

You can find testing centers and register for the 3 Florida Teacher Certification Exams (FTCEs) by visiting this link:

While the TeacherReady curriculum will cover some of the content in the exams, it is very important that you used independent study materials to prepare for these exams. We have compiled a list of recommended resources for test preparation:



Do I need to travel to Florida to take my three state certification tests?

Not in most cases. The Florida Department of Education has contracted with Pearson Testing Centers across the United States and on some US overseas military bases to offer the certification tests.

However, not all testing centers issue the FTCE exams.

If you are taking subject area exams for one of the World Languages, you will only be able take your subject area exam in Florida, due to a hands-on component.  A list of testing sites is available at If you are military personnel or a spouse of military personnel, you can contact the education center on base to determine if you are able to take your test on a military base. This option is only available for those individuals who are employed by or retired from the military and spouses.

How much does it cost to take the state certification tests?

The estimated fee for the certification tests are as follows:

  • Subject Area Examination is $200 ($220 retake)
  • General Knowledge Test is $130 ($150 retake)
  • Professional Education Test is $150 ($170 retake)

More information about the price of testing can be found at