Florida Teacher Certification Exams

General Knowledge Exam

Tests basic skills of writing, reading, English, and math.

Subject Area Exam

Tests your proficiency in the subject matter that you plan to teach, both in content knowledge and methods of teaching your subject area. Best practices in teaching for improved student achievement (including pedagogy, instructional tactics, strategies, and measurements) are included in the TeacherReady® curriculum, but they are not specific to your subject area (e.g., math, science, etc.).  It is important that you prepare for this exam using study materials. We recommend that you use our library of recommended study resources.

Professional Educator Exam

Tests your mastery of educational pedagogy and classroom skills. TeacherReady® curriculum will prepare individuals for the content covered in the this exam. We recommend that you wait until the end of Lesson 7 to take this exam, if possible. Although the content in this exam is covered in the lessons, it will be necessary to prepare using independent study materials.

FTCE Preparation Partner

The Learning Liaisons offers a Florida Teacher Certification Exams Online Workshop Series to assist aspiring teachers in preparing for the exam. For more information, please visit The Learning Liaisons FTCE Online Workshop Series page.

Florida Teacher Certification Study Guide