What is teaching field experience?

TeacherReady® includes teaching field experience assignments aligned to the curriculum. These field experiences provide opportunities for teacher candidates to apply the concepts, skills, and actions learned in the online lessons.

The teaching field experience includes observations, interviews, tutoring, attending meetings, and teaching lessons in the mentor’s classroom.  Each lesson will include field assignments that students will begin to complete as soon as they have been placed with a mentor.

The final teaching field experience will be completed in Lesson 8. During this lesson, teacher candidates will outline and teach a 5-day lesson plan, under the observation of the mentor. This field assignment will assess the overall mastery of the teaching and learning concepts introduced throughout the program.

Field Work Requirements

  • Complete 185 total field hours across all 8 lessons – includes a one-week (35 hours) culminating experience under mentor observation
  • Complete all lesson field assignments
  • Complete Lesson 8 Culminating Field Experience (makes up 35 field hours)

Mentor quote

How do I find a mentor?


After you submit your application for the program, you will be contacted by one of our admissions advisers. We will ask you to complete a Field Placement Request Form. You will provide information about schools in your area. Once you have been enrolled in your first lesson, you will be introduced to your TeacherReady® Field Placement Adviser. Your TeacherReady® Field Placement Adviser will work with you and the schools in your area to find a classroom and a mentor teacher.

Finding the right mentor and classroom can take time. It is not unusual for students to complete all other lesson curriculum and move to the next lesson, prior to completing the lesson field assignments. Once you begin working in your mentor’s classroom, you can begin working on your field assignments. Until you are placed with a mentor, you will still continue with your regular assignments.


You can use your classrooms to complete your field assignments, as long as you meet the following requirements:

  • You are currently teaching the subject area and grade range in which you want to be certified.
  • You are currently teaching in a K-12 institution.
  • You teach in the same classroom at least 6 hours per week (some substitutes and para-educators may not qualify).

If you meet the requirements to complete your field work in your classroom, you will connect with your school administration to identify a mentor who can work with you through the program. Then, you will provide us with information about your school and your mentor on the Mentor Assignment Form.

If you do not meet the above requirements, you can do one of the following:

  • Complete your field work in another teacher’s classroom.
  • Earn your certification in the subject area that you are teaching, in addition to the subject area that you want to teach.
  • Contact us for additional options.

The mentor/ student teacher relationship

We know that new and developing teachers who work closely with veteran, mentor teachers are more likely to feel prepared for the classroom. They are also more likely to stay in the classroom.

Your mentor is your gateway to transforming your learning into real-life experience. Your work and cooperation with your mentor is as vitally important to your success as learning the theories and concepts of teaching and learning. You should work hard to nurture this relationship and learn as much as you can from your time with your mentor.

Because the act of teaching should always result in learning, we know that mentors can gain as much from working with you as you will working with them.

You can read first-hand accounts about the impact of the mentor relationship on the Who’s Engaged Blog.

Mentor requirements

It is important that your mentor teacher has quality experience and mentor training. Mentors of the TeacherReady program need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have a current and valid teaching certification or a current and valid administrator license.
  • Have at least 3 years of effective teaching experience as indicated in the annual evaluation OR be a current school administrator.
  • Have Clinical Educator training. This requirement can be met through documentation of previous training or by completing a free, online, 4-hour course offered by TeacherReady. Licensed administrators do not need to take this training course.

TeacherReady Field Placements for Non-Teachers

TeacherReady Field Placements for Teachers