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Get Certified While Teaching Abroad

If you are a U.S. Citizen currently teaching abroad, you can complete your teacher certification coursework online.

Why should you get certified?

More Job Options

American International Schools are on the lookout for teachers who hold certification from a U.S. state. You are also more likely to get a job teaching subjects other than English in local community school, if you are certified.

Competitive Advantage

Even non-American schools abroad are more likely to hire a certified teacher over a non-certified teacher. They may also pay more, offer more extra-curricular positions, and allow more room for growth.

Invest in Your Future

The time may come to travel back to the U.S. When that happens, you will need to be a certified to teacher to get a teaching job in most school districts. Why not start now, while you are already teaching?


How Does It Work?

To earn your certification, you will follow three steps:

Complete the online coursework

Enhance your classroom skills with online coursework designed by expert educators to help you make a tremendous impact with your students.

Complete Your Field Work

In most cases, you can complete your field hours in your own classroom, working with a fellow teacher or school administrator as your mentor.

Pass the certification exams

On your next visit to the United States, take and pass the three Florida Teacher Certification Exams. We will advise you in this process and coach you to succeed.


Contact An Advisor About Certification

We have worked with hundreds of teachers in other countries, and we know the obstacles of studying while overseas. We are here to help. Contact an advisor to find out how you can get started on your certification while you are away from home.


Stories from Overseas Classrooms

Get to know some of our students who earned their certification while teaching overseas.

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