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Online Curriculum

Our online teacher certification coursework, designed by expert educators, will give you the skills to be an effective teacher and the opportunity to practice what you learn in K-12 classroom.


flexible field work for teachers

Mentor Teacher and Field Work

Work with a veteran teacher to apply your practice in a classroom. The field work throughout the program prepares you for success in the classroom. Connect with our team on how to build a field schedule that meets your needs.


teacher certification exams; certification for current teachers; teaching certification exams

Teacher Certification Exams

Access our library of recommended resources to prepare for the three, state-issued, teacher certification exams. We are a partner with you in this process. We want to coach you to succeed.

Online Teacher Certification: How Does it Work?

If you have a bachelor’s degree, you can become a certified teacher through an alternative teacher certification program. TeacherReady was one of the first online teacher certification programs to offer an alternative certification route. The program provided an avenue for students to earn professional teacher certification online while still working.

Why get certified for teaching online?

  • Set your class schedule
    • Students do not have to log in at specific times to complete coursework
  • Mentor placement support
    • If you are not already teaching, we will find you a teacher to work with to complete your field hours
  • Accelerated teacher certification
    • The program can be completed in less than a year.

What will you learn?

We prepare you to enter a K-12 classroom equipped for success. We have helped over 3,000 teachers become teachers in more than 30 subject areas, across the nation and internationally.

During the program, you will complete online teacher certification coursework, in-classroom teacher training, and the three Florida professional teaching certification exams.

Is the program accredited?

In partnership with the University of West Florida, TeacherReady is an accredited online teacher certification program. The program is state-approved.