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Bring your passion and experience to the classroom. Earn your professional teaching certificate and join TeacherReady teachers who are making a difference with students all around the world.

Why TeacherReady?

  • Online Alternative Teacher Certification Program
  • Become a Teacher in Your Community
  • Learn Skills to be a Successful First Year Teacher
  • Earn 12 Credits towards Select Masters Programs

I have found the TeacherReady program to be WONDERFUL! I have been immensely impressed by the professionalism of faculty and staff and the ease in which to do the program. What has allowed me to progress is the ability to do the program on my own time with such flexibility and in my own current teaching job. The website is the easiest online school platform I have ever used too... I'm excited to be almost done with them program!!

Jennifer Lichty
TeacherReady® Alumni

The most valuable skill I've learned in TeacherReady is how to create learning targets that are scaffolded and clear. This impacts my teaching on a daily basis. I'm constantly thinking about how to create better learning targets.

Diederik Bron
TeacherReady® Current Student

I have found that TeacherReady has been very applicable to my career. Working full-time at an international school while completing my certification has given me the advantage to continue my education in something that I am passionate about. After a few years of teaching. I knew it was the right choice to continue learning about teaching!

Kelly Davis
TeacherReady® Alumni
Pre-K, Taiwan

[TeacherReady] changed my approach in many situations, especially improving my understanding of students feelings and goals.

Carlo Poggi
TeacherReady® Alumni

TeacherReady helped me obtain my certification from abroad. Being a cerfified teacher opens many doors. The training was flexible and relevant.

Kristen Howell
TeacherReady® Alumni
Vietnam | ESL, ELA, Accounting/Econ (10th - 13th grade)

Not many first year teachers can say that they won a national science competition, a state competition, 2 EPA Presidential Awards, and over a 90% improvement rating on state test scores. What TeacherReady prepared me for was definitely instrumental in my student's successes.

Jennifer Muscolo
TeacherReady® Alumni

Alternative Teacher Certification Program

TeacherReady is an online alternative teacher certification program that helps you become a certified teacher with a bachelor’s degree that is not in education.

Over the course of nine months, you will complete coursework, field work, and three state exams to qualify for your Florida Professional Teaching Certificate. You can choose certification from over 30 subject areas.

TeacherReady is a member of the University of West Florida’s NCATE-accredited Professional Education Unit.


Apply to TeacherReady® today – New classes begin each month. Applications received are reviewed for acceptance within 48 hours of submission. The initial application packet consists of 3 items:

  1. TeacherReady® Application
  2. $30 Application Fee
  3. Unofficial Transcripts mailed to

Admission Requirements

TeacherReady® Applicants Must Have:

  1. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.
  2. A minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.5.

If you are not a United States citizen, you may not be eligible for your Florida Professional Teaching Certificate.

Please contact our office at 850.898.3949 or for more information on TeacherReady® opportunities for non-U.S. citizens.

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