What Teaching Credentials Will I Receive?

If you are a US citizen,  you will earn the following teaching credentials, when you complete all program requirements:
  • Florida Professional Teacher Certification
  • TeacherReady Certificate of Completion
  • University of West Florida Transcripts
  • Competency 2 Florida Reading Endorsement certificate
  • Up to 15 credit hours towards select master’s programs at Colorado State University – Global Campus, University of West Florida, Waldorf University, Coker University, United States University and Northcentral University.

The TeacherReady team will complete and submit all necessary forms to the Florida Bureau of Educator Certification. The Florida Department of Education will then notify you to submit your fingerprints for background clearance. Following clearance, the Florida Department of Education will award you the Florida Professional Teacher Certification as proof of your professional teaching credentials.

If you are not a US citizen, you will need to meet these additional requirements to be awarded your Florida Professional Teacher Certification:
  • A teaching job in the State of Florida
  • A current, valid, US Social Security Number (required to take the Florida Teacher Certification Exams)

Continuing Your Education: Master’s Credit Benefits

Once you complete the TeacherReady® program, you have the potential to be awarded up to 15 semester hours of credit toward select master’s programs at five partner universities including the University of West Florida, Colorado State University Global Campus, Waldorf University, Northcentral University and United States University.

For more information on the graduate programs, visit our Partners in Education page >>

Colorado State University Global Campus

(800) 920-6723


University of West Florida

Continuing Education and Professional Studies Advising Center
(850) 857-6306