The full teacher certification costs from TeacherReady® application to program completion are listed below. These costs are payable to TeacherReady® or the State of Florida (depending on the source of the expense).

For more information about TeacherReady® Program costs please contact Katie Tener, Finance Manager at Studer Education.

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Teacher Certification Costs

$30 TeacherReady® Application Fee
$200 TeacherReady® Administrative Fee ($50/month across first 4 payments)
$4,800 Tuition for program
$30 Book
$75 Florida Department of Education Application Fee
$600 approx. Florida Teacher Certification Exams

Funding Information and Options

Please review the TeacherReady Refund & Repayment Policy.

Military Personnel and their Spouses can receive financial aid. Financial benefits will be based on the current military status, education funding available to them, and their chosen degree path. For more information, please contact us. You can also find information about military financial benefits at one of the links, below:

Most students pay for each lesson as they are enrolling in the lesson, typically as a monthly installment. You will not be charged interest or additional fee for making your payment in lesson installments to TeacherReady. The program should be completed and paid in full within 12 months of the start date.Tuition cost per lesson is:

Lesson Tuition + Administrative Fee Cost
Lesson 1 $650
Lesson 2 $650
Lesson 3 $650
Lesson 4 &
Benchmark Assessment
Lesson 5 $600
Lesson 6 $600
Lesson 7 $600
Lesson 8 $600

The TeacherReady® Program does not qualify for federally funded financial aid such as FAFSA or Pell Grants.

The TeacherReady® Program qualifies for two continuing education loan options:

  1. “Smart Option Loans” are offered through Sallie Mae. These are low interest loans sponsored by the federal government. Apply for a Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan at To apply by phone, call 877-279-7172. The school name needed for your Sallie Mae application is The University of West Florida – Continuing Education.
  2. “Wells Fargo Collegiate Loans” are offered through Wells Fargo Bank. These loans have a choice of fixed or variable interest rate options. Apply for a Wells Fargo Collegiate Loan at The school name needed for your Wells Fargo application is The University of West Florida – Continuing Education.

Please email Katie Tener, if you have questions.