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Teaching requires a special kind of passion. It is the kind that is unmistakable; the kind that spreads to students, parents, and the community. These are the teachers that light a fire in their students. Their passion makes them a success in the classroom.

Find your passion

Chris started his career in finance and business, leaving him unfulfilled for years. He was good at it, but he never could quite connected with the work in a meaningful way. Chris watched his wife, Sarah, teach for many years. He saw how passionate Sarah was about what teaching; how her past students would seek her out in the community to reconnect. Sarah looked forward to work, every day, because she was doing purposeful, worthwhile work, and making a difference.

Shifting into the classroom

Find your passion: Chris MillerIn Chris’ mid-thirties, he made a transformational decision to change careers, and pursue teaching. Chris became a 3rd grade teacher and continues to make a huge impact in our community. He has touched so many lives as a teacher that even a trip to the grocery store becomes a reunion event of past students and parents. He not only attends most of his current and past students’ sporting events, but also high school graduation, where he gives his students the book Oh, the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss. This past graduation, upon delivering one of these books to a senior and his family, he read the book aloud, just like in the 3rd grade. Unlike in 3rd grade, this read-a-loud ended in tears all around: Happy Tears. Grateful Tears.
Do you know of someone who can touch the lives of students the way my husband has touched the lives of all his 3rd graders? If so, encourage them to become a teacher. We need more teachers like this. Together, let’s bring passion back to our classrooms!

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