Using Assessment Data to Improve Your Teaching

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A key piece of curriculum in the TeacherReady® Online Certification Program is Using Assessment Data. What makes this specific portion of the online teaching certification process so important? We have found that when teachers effectively use student assessment data in the classroom, they can exponentially improve their teaching. Thus, we at TeacherReady® can continue to live our mission: to give teachers the right tools they need to make the biggest difference.

Assessment data is vital to teachers as it informs the decisions they make about students when teaching and caring for them. In order to begin using assessment data in the classroom, teachers must first assess. Seems obvious, but it is important to understand that this first step involves careful collection, evaluation, and use of information to help them make decisions that improve student learning. Once teachers properly assess the students in their classroom, they can begin to make data-driven decisions–that is, decisions made using information from a variety of sources to better plan, teach, and assess their students in the future.

In the interactive webinar below, TeacherReady® instructor, Reggie Todd, walks TeacherReady® candidates through the process of using assessment data, as well as answers their questions along the way.

Using Assessment Data In the Classroom from Studer Education (featuring Mandy Gagliardi and Reggie Todd) on Vimeo.

Asti Kelley, TeacherReady®

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