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Advanced Concepts For A Brighter Future: Ahead at Every Turn

Now more than ever, education is facing “reform” on a continuous cycle. Though the world’s greatest education leaders attempt to “reinvent” or “reform” education, very little change is actually taking place. Specifically in the United States, education has focused primarily on reading and math and has raised these two subjects to the level of supreme importance. Our education system has also managed to successfully promote the few that perform high on assessments, and condemn all others that perform below the standard. How can we turn this around? How can we put an end to what seems to be an endless cycle leaving students devastated in its wake.

The answer is simple. I’ve said it during many of my teacher trainings, and I’ll say it again. Change can’t happen until it happens! We (teachers) must be the change we want to see in education. There is power in numbers, and we all know there is a LOT of teachers. If we can stand together with the purpose of making positive change in education, we would see change as early as tomorrow.

Making the Most of her Online Teaching Certification

Completing my graduate program with TeacherReady® was the best thing I could have done. It gave me the tools I needed to begin my journey as an educator and allowed me to pave my own path to successful teaching. Over the years, I have learned from the best and dismissed the worst. I have developed my own theories regarding high quality education and put them to the test. Even beyond my own classrooms doors, many other teachers have joined me in making a difference in the lives of our students. My current school, The Merit School of Stafford, has allowed me to make necessary changes to curriculum and instruction over the years that has built us a reputation as the best. When you have leaders that are willing to listen to what you have to say, are ready to take action for the better, and support your drive for success, change happens!

With the help of the founder of Merit and my esteemed colleagues, my goal is to make this change possible for even more Merit Schools. We plan to pioneer this need for change and be the revolution in education that teachers, students, and parents have been waiting for.

Advanced Concept truly is a Better Future and we will remain Ahead at Every Turn. To access my latest white paper, “How to Break Free”, please click here. This paper will enlighten readers on a few instructional changes that will drastically change elementary classrooms for the better. To read my book “Advanced Concepts for a Better Future: How to Build an Accelerated Classroom” and my previous white papers, please click here. I recently presented my book and white paper, “Real Life Teaching for Real Life Students” at the International Conference on Education at the University of Cambridge December 2017. Both works have also been accepted for publishing by the Literacy Information and Computer Education Journal.

I will continue to work to make the much needed changes in education. For more about Advanced Concepts for a Better Future and how you can make a change please visit my website.

Asti Kelley, TeacherReady®

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