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TeacherReady® was founded in response to high turnover and attrition within the teaching profession, as well as mass teacher shortages in various areas of the United States. This online teacher certification program offers increased flexibility, allowing aspiring teachers to maintain current positions and gain field experience, all while completing their certification. In addition, the program is committed to creating relationships with each teacher candidate and bringing those relationships to life.

Last month, the TeacherReady team made a routine visit to Shelby County Schools (SCS), in Memphis, TN. During this visit, the team conducted a workshop at the district’s Teacher Learning Center. Here, they advised teachers within the district who are teaching with temporary licenses about the necessary steps for obtaining their online teaching certification. The team also offered other professional development opportunities.

TeacherReady staffTatiana Keith, a TeacherReady® Field Placement Advisor, recalls the visit’s success:

At this visit, teachers were very engaged and participated in activities sharing their experiences and learning from others. They all agreed that one of the most rewarding parts of teaching is the ‘aha moment’ of the students. Students were excited about the opportunity to meet TeacherReady face-to-face. Some of them stayed after the workshop to talk about their personal experiences and look for special advice from Dr. Miller, who is a TeacherReady Student Services Coach. Dr. Miller did a fantastic job delivering the presentation and coaching the students.

Mentoring does not cease upon completion of the program, as TeacherReady team members continue to work with students to land their ideal teaching position. For many who complete the online certification program, they not only achieve their goal of becoming a certified teacher, they also build relationships with the TeacherReady faculty and staff that carry them into their professional careers.

While in the sTeacherReady workshopame advising workshop, this came to fruition when a TeacherReady alumni, Doc Dillard, stumbled upon the TeacherReady banner hanging outside the room. He came in and sat down, stunned to see the online program come to life and to meet the team members who had helped him achieve his current position in the district. Dillard was especially excited to meet Dr. Miller, as they had heavily communicated when he was in the program.

TeacherReady® is proud to work diligently to help aspiring teachers, as well as alumni, achieve their teaching goals and prosper in their career.

Asti Kelley, TeacherReady®





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