Student Story: Dylan Meinburg Completes TeacherReady Program While Teaching Overseas

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dylan-meinburg_teacherready-alumni_teacher-certification-overseasDylan Meinburg, also known as TeacherReady’s unofficial record holder for quickest completion time, has dreamed about becoming a teacher since he was in the fifth grade. Dylan received his teacher certification overseas. Currently, Dylan lives with his wife in Thailand where they have dedicated their lives to mission work. He also teaches music to middle schoolers in a small, private school in a Bangkok suburb.

Dylan’s fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Hawkins, has been his teaching inspiration from the start. “She was passionate, entertaining and deeply cared for her students. Since that class, now 20 years ago, I knew I wanted to teach,” Dylan said. Mrs. Hawkins showed him just how entertaining learning could be. When the time came to get his professional teaching certification, Dylan Meinburg decided to try TeacherReady after his coworker recommended the program.

“The program is nothing less than amazing,” Meinburg said. “It’s easy to navigate and is work-at-your-own-pace, even being an overseas student.”

Dylan knew TeacherReady was a nine-month program, but he needed his overseas teacher certification sooner than that. While living and teaching overseas, Dylan was able to complete the program in just 39 days from start to finish. That is an unofficial TeacherReady record!

TeacherReady prepares students both inside and outside the classroom. “I learned more in my 39 days of TeacherReady than I have in my 12 years of classroom experience,” Meinburg said. “The instructors are super responsive, provide meaningful feedback, and it feels like they are walking right there next to you.”

Meinburg didn’t get his degree in education. “Much of the content may be common knowledge to an education graduate. However, without any formal training in education, this program helped tremendously,” he said. Education and non-education college graduates alike can succeed with TeacherReady.

“I now feel confident seeing a standard, breaking it down into targets, planning for assessments and accommodating and modifying lessons (all new terminology to me). I’m excited to apply the concepts and structure I’ve learned with TeacherReady in my classroom this coming school year. I am confident that my preparation and teaching will improve tremendously thanks to TeacherReady!”

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  • Katherine Arntson-Kynn

    Impressive! I also have been living in Thailand, but have been at a much slower pace. Amazing job, Dylan, way to show that anything is possible with the right attitude!

  • edguruindia

    The content that I normally see is nothing like what you have written. This is very well-thought out and well-planned. You are a unique thinker and bring up great individualized points. Please continue your work.

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