Getting a Georgia Teacher Certification from an Out-of-State Program

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As the southern neighbor to the beautiful state of Georgia, we work with our fair share of students who either teach or are planning to teach in Georgia. Many students choose our program for the flexibility of online coursework and learning. Others move to Georgia before they complete our certification program but do not want to start from square one. Whatever the reason, as part of our commitment to the success of our students, we have made it our mission to become experts on obtaining a Georgia teacher certification while enrolled in an out-of-state program.

The process of becoming certified in Georgia can be overwhelming at times. We take it step-by-step and make sure the process is manageable. And of course, if you are a TeacherReady student, we will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Let’s map out a general timeline:

Step 1: Apply with your desired Certification Program

When diving into an online teacher certification program, do your research to ensure you’re choosing a program that will allow you to transfer to Georgia.

TeacherReady Students: Our program allows a seamless transfer from Florida to Georgia. You can apply with us anytime.

Step 2: Get the state paperwork underway for the program you are completing.

Before beginning your paperwork with the Georgia Department of Education, make sure you are registered with your certification program’s state.

TeacherReady Students: TeacherReady is in the state of Florida. Apply and register with the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) first.

Step 3: Connect with the certification program and ask about their GaPSC enrolling process.

Even if you have previously enrolled, you will need to repeat the steps with your new certification program.

TeacherReady Students: Once you are registered with FLDOE, your advisor will register you with GaPSC and send you an email. You will claim University of West Florida (UWF) and all your accounts will link together. Your advisor will then be able to see what you need to satisfy the Georgia teacher certification requirements and relay that information.

Step 4: Satisfy the requirements for your program.

Your certification program will have different requirements necessary to fulfill a graduation status. The program should tell you what you need to do in their respective state as well as what needs to be done in the state of Georgia for reciprocity to occur.

TeacherReady Students: You will take three exams for the state of Florida and one exam for the state of Georgia. All exams will need to be taken to receive your Florida license and transfer it to Georgia seamlessly. You will take three Florida exams (FTCEs): Subject Area, General Knowledge and Professional Education. You will then take one Georgia exam (GACE): Content Area. Your GACE content subject will need to match your FTCE Subject Area subject.

Step 5: Complete your Georgia teacher certification program

Once you have fulfilled your certification requirements and completed the Georgia teacher certification requirements, you should be ready for completion! Speak with your program about the final steps needed.

TeacherReady Students: Congrats! You have taken and passed all your exams, finished your coursework and your fieldwork. We’re proud of you. Now it’s time to do your fingerprints. You will request a fingerprint packet from FLDOE to be sent to you in Georgia. Once you follow those instructions and send them, FLDOE will issue your Florida license. Your advisor will “complete” you in GaPSC and you can then begin the simple process of transferring your licensure from Florida to Georgia. Again, your advisor will help you with this process every step of the way.

As we said, it can seem overwhelming. But we are here to help you take it step-by-step and answer any questions. You’re not in this alone! If you have questions, email or call anytime.

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  • Michael Faison

    Hello, how this finds you well. My name is Michael Faison and I live in Phoenix, AZ but I am from Bainbridge, Ga. I have a teaching certificate from the AZ Dept. of Education and wish to teach in Georgia. Can you assist me with this process.

    • Whitney Patterson

      Hi Michael, We would be happy to help answer all of your certification questions and figure out a plan that best fits your needs. Please email us at, or give us a call at 850-898-3949. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

      – The TeacherReady Team

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