Alternative Online Teacher Certification Program

TeacherReady® is an alternative online teacher certification program. Coursework can be completed online and on your schedule. The field work can be completed throughout the program for a more manageable schedule. If you are already teaching, you can complete your field hours in your own classroom. If you are not already teaching, we will help you find a mentor and a classroom to complete your field hours.

The program is Florida state-approved and is the Educator Preparation Institute for the Professional Education Unit at the University of West Florida. TeacherReady® carries a CAEP accreditation.

Upon completion of the TeacherReady® program and after passing the three Florida certification exams, students earn a Florida Professional Teaching Certificate in their chosen subject area. The Florida certificate can then be transferred to other states through various reciprocity processes. For information on how to transfer your certification to other states please view our Certification Map.

Explore the Online Coursework

Our teacher certification online coursework is designed by expert educators to give you the skills to be a master teacher.

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Learn About Field Work Requirements

Work with a veteran teacher to apply your practice in a classroom. The field work throughout the program prepares you for success in the classroom. Connect with our team on how to build a field schedule that meets your needs.

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Certification Exams

Access our library of recommended resources to prepare for the three, state-issued, teacher certification exams. We are a partner with you in this process. We want to coach you to succeed.

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