Fill the Need: Become a Hero By Becoming a Teacher

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The need for more teachers is a reality school leaders have every year. All over the United States, school leaders are continuously looking to fill teaching positions. Filling these positions has become harder and harder in recent years.

Teacher shortage throughout the U.S.

Typically, school leaders struggle to find teachers to fill high school math and science classes. While finding teachers to fill elementary classrooms has rarely been a problem. School leaders are struggling to find teachers to fill all teaching positions, no matter the school. The need for more teachers is steadily rising and the amount of certified teachers can’t keep up. School leaders are having to work vigorously to try and make sure they can fill all the spots needed. The State of Florida has had such an influx of students, they had to add 1,800 more teachers in Orange County alone. The county is expecting to need even more teachers next year to compensate for their growth.

Become a hero by teaching

"Become a hero. Teachers needed." billboard outside of UCFSchool leaders have had to get more creative about how they recruit college students to become teachers. Orange County even went as far as to buy a billboard near the University of Central Florida to help recruit.

We are starting earlier, and we are definitely exploring more options than we ever have,” said Greg White, recruitment specialist for Osceola County schools. “We’ve got to find those quality educators to be in front of our children.

The State of Florida and many other states can’t keep up. The demand for more teachers is so high that colleges can’t produce enough eligible candidates to fill the jobs. How do we fill the gap? Let’s educate potential educators. Let’s show them why they should become teachers and prepare them for taking on the challenge. Teaching is hard and not for the easily defeated. Our students need heroes. Helping someone become a hero in a student’s life is rewarding for all of us.

Featured Image: Amanda Tipton • Additional Image & Details: Orlando Sentinel 

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