End the School Year with Strong Student Engagement

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Once the end of the school year rolls around, it can feel like everyone is dragging their feet. Students and teachers can see the light at the end of tunnel and are ready for summer vacation. This can be a challenge because the end of the school year is when all of the major testing happens. Teachers do all they can to keep classes engaged and on-track so students can hit their end of the year learning targets. How can teachers ensure strong student engagement until the end?

4 questions to end the year with strong student engagement

  1. What will students need to know to be able to achieve the final learning target and eventually the standards?
  2. What will students do each day to achieve the daily and weekly learning targets?
  3. How will students know how well they achieved the daily learning targets?
  4. How will students know if they achieved the weekly learning targets and the overall learning goal?

Finish the year with a bang!

Strong student engagementStudents have worked all year to meet their learning targets. We want students to own their learning until the last day. If students know this is expected of them, and have been given feedback along the way, they become owners of their learning instead of renters. Student owners focus on meeting their learning targets. They work with their teachers and other classmates to accomplish their learning tasks so they can meet their targets. As students experience success, their momentum begins to build, creating strong student engagement until the very end.

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