What Will I learn in TeacherReady®?

The online curriculum was created for teachers by teachers to provide experience and best practices that come straight from excellent educators who drive success in the classroom.

The TeacherReady Online Curriculum consists of eight instructional lessons. Each lesson was designed to build the skills, knowledge, and practice for successful teaching.

The online curriculum follows the Plan. Do. Study. Act. cycle (PDSA). PDSA is a highly-successful model that drives continuous improvement and learning.

Learning Online.
Lesson Online Curriculum
Lesson 1 Managing and Engaging Students to Learn
Lesson 2 Alignment of Common Core Standards and Learning Targets
Lesson 3 Learning Tasks and Feedback Strategies
Lesson 4 Summative Assessment Tools
Lesson 5 Student Engagement with Special Populations
Lesson 6 Student Engagement and Literacy
Lesson 7 Student Engagement and STEM
Lesson 8 Culminating Field Experience

ADA Compliance Services

The TeacherReady team works collaboratively with all instructors and personnel to meet our ADA mission and goals while providing leadership in promoting inclusiveness, disability awareness, and education in the local community. From that perspective, the TeacherReady team monitors for ADA compliance and consults and advises faculty, students, and staff on disability related issues and provides training and awareness opportunities.

TeacherReady is committed to helping each student succeed, regardless of disabilities or special needs. The Coordinator of Student Services is responsible for coordinating reasonable accommodation requests for students with documented disabilities. Students needing accommodations should contact the TeacherReady office to setup an ADA conference by contacting teacherready@studereducation.com.