Guest blogger Amie Canter discusses student engagement through classroom innovation

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The traditional model of our education system is shifting. Many classrooms have integrated hands-on approach to next-level engagement. Our students demand that we review our practices daily. It’s been proven that students want teachers who visibly care about them, engage them in the learning process, like being with them in the classroom and believe they can learn. Educator should constantly reevaluate their commitment to these always best practices.

In Chapter 3 of Who’s Engaged: Climb the Learning Ladder To See by Dr. Janet Pilcher, she states that “effective teachers should leave each day asking this question, how well did my students learn, as opposed to how well did I teach?”

Amie Canter is the founder of Advanced Concepts for a Better Future and a TeacherReady Alumni. Amie has become a trailblazer in challenging how we engage with our students, both inside and outside the classroom. In 2011, Amie earned a professional teaching certification through the TeacherReady program.

“I believe that every student should be seen as an individual that has many strengths and may have some weaknesses, too,” says Amie. She continues, “this should not define them as a person nor should it label them as less or more valuable than anyone else.” It is her revolutionary teaching model taught in her class, Advanced Concepts for a Better Future that Amie continues to change the way her students learn.

To initiate change in our education system we must recognize that what was important in the past was the foundation, but not intended to be forever. Education must be an ever-evolving system that takes the limits off learning and invests in the interests of the students. Today we have knowledge at our finger tips. Teaching students how to find the information they are looking for is the key to true knowledge.

“Much of my work has been devoted to creating equal opportunity for greatness for all students.” Amie Canter


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