Providing Consistent Feedback to Parents

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Why provide feedback?

It is vital to provide feedback to parents that recognizes what students are doing well. We often express what students do wrong, but seldom reward and recognize good performance. Similar to most people, students respond when they are recognized. Using research findings from Gallup’s work on employee engagement, we use the 3 to 1 compliment principle (3 compliments to 1 criticism=positive behavior) to encourage more of what we want to see in students.


Here’s what you can do:

Create a class recognition board and place shining stars with the students’ names and the recognized performances or behaviors. Include the student’s picture and the specific achievement. What a win for that student! Send the recognition to the student’s parents and get another win!

Phone or send notes home to 3 to 5 parents a week describing what their child did well. We worked with a group of teachers in some of the highest need schools in Escambia County, Florida. They applied the 3 to 5 approach and surveyed their parents at the end of each month asking, “How satisfied are you with your child’s learning in Ms. _________ class?” On a five point scale, over 90% of parents rated this question a “4” or “5” with 70% rating it a “5.”

Here’s an example note:

Note to parent









Asti Kelley, TeacherReady® 

Excerpt from: WHO’S ENGAGED?




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  • Marcia Nowlin

    When Principals apply his same strategy for parents of those “frequent fliers” the results can be quite remarkable.

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