What are Students Expectations of Teachers While Checking In?

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Six Traits To Help Meet Students Expectations

As teachers, we always want try to meet students expectations by create learning environments where students want to learn and gain confidence as they experience success. We do this by building the teacher-student relationship. For this to happen, teachers need to know what students are expecting from them in the classroom. These are six traits that students want to see each day.Teacher meeting students expectations

Students want teachers who:

  1. Show students they care about them.
  2. Engage students in the learning process.
  3. Recognize students for the step-by-step progress they have made.
  4. Believe students can learn.
  5. Enjoy being with students in the classroom.
  6. Teach students as individuals.

How To Show These Traits While Checking In

Teachers spend most of their time in the classroom, in front of the whole class, teaching all of the students at the same time. Over time, this can seem impersonal to some students, because they don’t feel cared about by the teacher. Julia Thompson stated:

“You can have the most fascinating lesson plan in the world, but it will not work if your students believe you do not care about them. A good teacher-student connection will make everything in your class run smoothly. Without it, nothing will.”

An easy way to build the teacher-student relationship is by checking in with your students, regularly.  Frequent meetings with each student can build the connection between you, as the teacher, and them, as the student. While checking in, attempt to show each student the six traits you want them to see in you. This dedicated time spent checking in with students provides a great opportunity to build the teacher-student relationship.

For more tips on how to build the teacher-student relationship, please click on the following link: Teaching Community


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