Letter to Parents: Things You Can Do At Home To Make Your Child A Stronger Student

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Help your child become a stronger student with these simple tasks.As a parent, you are always trying to help your child in any way possible. You want what’s best for them and you will do whatever it takes to make sure that’s possible. As your child gets older, you seem to have to help them less and less as they become more independent. Here are a few things you can do at home to help your child become a stronger student in the classroom.

Help your child in the classroom by helping them at home

These tasks may seem simple, but each of them will help your child build a skill that is necessary for classroom success.

Buy your child an alarm clock. With the alarm clock, your child will learn time management, responsibility, scheduling, and the importance of being on time. Train your child to set their alarm clock before they go to bed and to get themselves on a schedule.

Make your child clean their room. Cleaning their room will help build their organization skills and also help them see that organization is important in the classroom.

Have your child feed the dog. Caring for something other than themselves is something all children must learn to do. Feeding the dog helps to build responsibility, structure, and scheduling because the dog is fully dependent on the child to feed them.

Build a stronger student by writing letters to Grandma.Have your child write and send hand-written letters to Grandma. No one wants to have bad manners in front of Grandma. Everyone wants their Grandma to be proud of  them. Have them make Grandma proud by sending the hand-written letter, while practicing their writing and reading skills in the process.

Buy your child a calendar. Let them schedule their time and learn time management. Have them mark any important dates, assignment due dates, and their time off. Now they have the responsibility of making sure the assignments are turned in on time.

Let your child decorate/design their own study space. Having a sense of ownership in the classroom is so important because you want them to take pride in their work. By decorating their study space, they get to take ownership and be creative with their ideas.

Let your child fail. Making mistakes earlier in life and learning from those consequences better prepares your child for the more complex decisions of later life. Sometimes this means  you have to let your child fail. This is hard for parents because no parent wants to see their child fail, but sometimes it’s necessary.

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