Do You Know How Your Students Feel About Their Learning Environment?

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If you don’t know how your students feel about the environment in your classroom, you should ask them. Our goal as teachers is to create learning environments where students want to learn and gain confidence when they experience success. In order to do this well, teachers must reflect on each and every day. The best teachers leave their classrooms each day judging their success by how well their students have learned. Having a successful learning environment will lead to having engaged students. To help gauge student engagement, use the Student Engagement Scale.

What’s the Student Engagement Scale?

Teachers reflect on their classroom learning environments.When students feel cared for and are engaged, their performance improves. Students learn best when their teachers:

  • care about them;
  • like being in the classroom;
  • engage them in the learning process;
  • recognize their progress;
  • believe in them; and
  • teach them as individuals.

The best way to know the level of student engagement in your classroom is to ask your students. Use a scale of A, B, C, D, or F, asking specific questions that focus on how students feel about their learning and your teaching. Here is a free Student Engagement Scale Assessment Tool.

Reflect to Improve for Next Year

By having your students complete the exercise, you will be able to see your classroom through the students’ eyes. You will know how your students feel in your classroom. If you take the information as constructive feedback, it can benefit future classes, learning environments, and students. Reflect on the answers and take the opportunity to increase student engagement and improve performance in the classroom.

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