When do I need to take the three state certification tests?


In order to stay aligned with a project 9-month schedule, we recommend that you take the Subject Area Exam by the end of the TeacherReady Lesson 3, the General Knowledge Exam by the end of TeacherReady Lesson 5, and the Professional Education Exam by the end of TeacherReady Lesson 7. We highly recommend study guides for each of the three tests.

Please know that it takes at least 30 days for official test scores to post and an additional 30 days for the FLDOE to update your statement of eligibility of certification. Both of these things must occur before we can file your TeacherReady completion paperwork with the FLDOE.  Please take this time frame in account when scheduling your exams.

If you are overseas and do not have access to a military base that issues the exams, you will likely need to schedule all three exams during your next trip to the United States.

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