Back to School: Making the Most of Your Pre-Planning Time

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Structuring Back to Schoolpre-planning

Pre-planning time is limited and there is a lot to do! Determine and prioritize the actions you must take prior to Day 1. It is also important to consider which actions can happen after the first day of school. Some things to begin thinking about are classroom organization, classroom management, a communication plan, a curriculum calendar, and lesson plans.


Make a to-do list comprised of tasks that can be completed now and those that can be done later. This will help you stay on track and ensure classroom goals are accomplished. Below is a sample list:


Classroom Organization:

Consider seating, tables, and decor. For seating, decide whether or not seats will be assigned. Will they then be temporary or permanent?

Also consider the tables. Which will be for student use and which will be for teacher use? This should be predetermined and clear to students.

What will the decor in your classroom look like? Will there be a theme? Have your bulletin boards, white boards, walls, and containers marked, labeled, and ready to go.

proceduresClassroom Management Plan:

Have procedures set and in place for entering class, bathroom use, pencils, classroom supplies, and turning in/passing back assignments. Also consider what your positive reinforcement, rewards, and consequences will look like.

Communication Plan:

back to school

How will you communicate with parents? Before the first day of class? Student progress? Behavior?

How will you communicate with students? On their progress? School-wide information? Events?

Curriculum Calendar:

How will you map out standards for the year (or semester)? This is critical to ensuring you teach all of the content in a timely and organized manner.

In the quieter months of summer, take the time to plan ahead using these tips. This is sure to facilitate an organized, smooth year ahead.

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