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A Guide to Career Change

We work to help people become teachers. But, we also see ourselves as liaisons to career change. We help future teachers plan the transition, everyday, and we have learned a thing or two. Read this, if you are thinking about making a change.

What is "Alternative" Teacher Certification?

Did you know that alternative teacher certification basically means that you didn’t get your certification as part of a bachelors of education degree? What are the other differences? Is one better quality than the other? You might be surprised by the answers.

Is TeacherReady® Right For Me?

When you are making a big life change, there is nothing more important than choosing the right path to get there. TeacherReady® was designed to make the journey as smooth as possible. Our program solves many of the problems unique to adult students, today. Our goal is to help passionate people with real-world experience get in front of a classroom to impart their knowledge on students. Read about the benefits of TeacherReady® to decide if this is the right track for you.

One Teacher's Success Story

Amie Canter, TeacherReady Alumni, is turning the traditional classroom experience on its head. Amie became a certified teacher through the TeacherReady program in 2011. Ever since, she has been changing the way her students learn in her ground-breaking class: Advanced Concepts for a Better Future.

"I appreciate the flexibility of logging in at my convenience. I have a busy work schedule, so having the freedom to log in when I can is great." - Sheri Green

"I am forever grateful toTeacherReady® for allowing me to achieve my career goals, while still being a mom to my kids." - Andrea Howell

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