Can I still participate in the program if I live overseas?


Yes. We have many students participating in the TeacherReady Program who are living overseas. You will participate in the program like other students who reside in the USA. In order to complete your field experiences, you will need to work with a local, private, American, international school, or a DoDEA school in your location.  Please note that if you want to do field work at a DoDEA school, there are additional application documents and additional field work required by DoDEA. DoDEA requires an 8-9 week full time student teaching experience at the end of TeacherReady instead of the one week we normally require.  They also require a special application which can be found on our website under “forms.”  Attached to that application must be a clear background check.  Even if a background check is in the DoDEA computer system, a copy must be physically attached.  Further, if you are currently working at a DoDEA school as a para educator or even a substitute, you must attach a SF-52 leave without pay form for the last 8-9 weeks of your TeacherReady program experience.  These DoDEA applications and attachments are due in October of each year for the spring semester and April for the following fall semester. If you apply for DODEA field work you will have to volunteer in a classroom throughout the rest of the TeacherReady® program until time for your 8-9 weeks.  Most DODEA schools will let you volunteer.

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