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Please provide information for both public and private schools. This will ensure that we have a backup plan should your primary request not pan out.

  1. Public school systems request that we first contact the Human Resources Department before contacting an individual school.  It is extremely important for you to list the correct HR staff person’s contact information so that we go directly to the person who handles student teaching/field placements for that district.
  2. In non-public schools, list the contact information for the Head of School/Principal. In selecting your non-public schools, make sure they offer the grade levels that match your certification area(s) and read their website to make sure you agree with the school philosophy.


If you are in the United States:

The TeacherReady® staff will assist in contacting your school choices and provide any necessary program documentation the school district requests.  Please be aware that some School Districts might ask you to produce a background check, liability insurance, health insurance, or other documents prior to placement. Once all paperwork is received, we may request that you begin establishing contact with your private/charter school options only. Please do not attempt to contact any schools until you receive communication from our office.

If you are not in the United States:

You may need to approach the school, introduce yourself, and explain that you are about to start a teacher preparation program and the mentor requirements.


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