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Students Emotionally Experience Assessments

Recently, Who’s Engaged? author Dr. Janet Pilcher was interviewed on The Daily Brew, a show on Pensacola’s BlabTV. In the interview, Dr. Pilcher discussed the changing landscape in education, including the implementation of more complex assessments. As it relates to these assessments, she encourages school district leaders and teachers to:

Look at what’s most important… and at the end of 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, [determine how you will] define success in your school district and how do you define that success that relates to students…


In the book Who’s Engaged? Pilcher writes, “Here is what we know. Students emotionally experience assessments” (p. 35). What does this mean for teachers and parents? We are responsible for knowing where, when, and how these emotions occur.

As teachers and parents, our goal is to place students in winning situations where they are eager to learn, take on challenges, and own their learning. It’s a return to Pilcher’s original end-of-day reflection: We shouldn’t judge our effectiveness as educators by how much we teach, what we teach, and how we teach. Rather, we make a positive judgement if we’ve approached students every day knowing that our success depends on how well students learn, especially students who struggle the most.

Reflection: How do you define success in your classroom?

Dr. Janet Pilcher is co-creator of TeacherReady® 

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