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Celebrate a Truly Amazing Teacher. Each year in January our leaders celebrate colleagues who embody and live a decade-long commitment of our mission and standards of behavior. We celebrate these individuals as truly amazing colleagues who make a difference in education and healthcare. This is the time of year where we also see school systems around the country celebrating their best teachers and leaders. As teachers, sometimes we have to wait years to note the impact we have on students; check out this YouTube video where Louisville Male High School (KY) celebrates one truly amazing teacher.

Check out jiggle17’s comment about Mr. Wright, one truly amazing teacher, on the video’s YouTube page: “This man just gave me a HUGE dose of perspective. I just went and told my grandmother I loved her… thank you for existing as you do.”

This is why teachers matter. In a school setting, truly amazing teachers share the school values, know how to problem solve, and serve as good mentors and role models for students and other teachers. Great teachers like Mr. Wright represent one of the core elements for providing a support-focused environment where teachers, staff, and students can continuously learn, apply, and achieve. If you’re a teacher, choose to be a truly amazing teacher like Mr. Wright. If you’re a student, parent, staff member, or school leader, do your part to thank a truly amazing teacher for his or her work.


Featured image captured from YouTube video “Truly Amazing Teacher,” available here:

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