Teaching on a Temporary Certificate

Become a TeacherNow is a critical time for the education profession; we’re seeing calls for high-stakes accountability, fewer new professionals entering the field, and continued requests for schools to do more to educate the whole child while not losing sight on improving student learning. Do you know someone teaching on a temporary certificate or who is interested in stepping up to these challenges?

The new school year is less than a month away, and while teachers on a temporary certificate have many options available to  earn a Florida professional teaching certificate, the University of West Florida’s TeacherReady program might be a perfect fit for them.  Here’s why:

TeacherReady offers the opportunity to earn a professional teaching certificate in 6 to 9 months, depending on whether individuals are teaching in their own classroom and have already successfully completed 1 or more of the FTCEs. The TeacherReady curriculum is delivered online and allows individuals to work at their own pace, and to pay tuition at the same pace by providing flexible, no-fee payment options.

If teaching on a temporary certificate in the grade-level and in the content area for which individuals want to be certified, it may be possible to complete field experiences within their own classroom with a certified teacher / principal at the school serving as mentor.

The field experiences align to instruction and encourage individuals to apply what they learn in their own classroom. This is reinforced by Kelly, who completed TeacherReady while teaching on a temporary certificate,

“The lessons I learned through TeacherReady immediately improved the quality of my instruction. The most significant change I saw came with the implementation of scaffolding and formative assessment into my lesson planning… I found myself struggling to address the broad range of abilities, interests, and responsibilities (or lack thereof) I was encountering from my students. Teaching them skills in smaller pieces allowed them to focus their attention on developing each smaller step and to build upon them confidently. By the time my students had to write an essay in my class, they no longer looked at the assignment as an overwhelming task for which they may or may not have the prerequisite skills. Instead, they saw the essay as a series of smaller assignments they could piece together with confidence.”

TeacherReady is state approved and a member of the University of West Florida’s NCATE / CAEP accredited Professional Education Unit. It is Florida’s first university-level EPI, developed by teachers for teachers, and has assisted nearly 1,700 individuals earn professional certification.

Upon completion of TeacherReady, individuals are eligible to transfer 12 credits to select masters programs at the University of West Florida or Colorado State University Global. Learn more about these programs below.

Now is a great opportunity to begin the journey to professional certification! Start now for an opportunity to meet all certification requirements within the upcoming school year. To learn more, call the TeacherReady team at 850-898-3949 or shoot us an email at TeacherReady@StuderEducation.com.


1LinkedIn TeacherReady - 300x330Know someone with a temporary teaching certificate or who would be a great teacher? For more information about earning a professional teaching certificate or license, contact TeacherReady at 850-898-3949 or visit or connect with current teacher candidates and alumni on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/teacherreadyprogram.

Become a teacher with the assistance of TeacherReady. TeacherReady offers individuals an opportunity to earn a professional teaching certificate from the State of Florida; it was developed by teachers for teachers and is a member of the NCATE/CAEP accredited Professional Education Unit at the University of West Florida.

Below, explore the master’s degrees that are part of TeacherReady’s partnership with the University of West Florida and Colorado State University – Global:

UWF’s Exceptional Student Education, M. A.

UWF’s Curriculum and Instruction, M. Ed.

CSU Global’s Teaching and Learning, M. Ed.

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