Susan McLeod, NBCT, MAInstructor

Started with TeacherReady:
October 1, 2015

Masters – Educational Leadership/Curriculum and Instruction – University of West Florida
BA – Early Childhood/Elementary Education – University of West Florida

Bio and Teacher Training:

I have twenty-three years experience as an educator and administrator in public, private, charter and online school environments. I am currently the Literacy Coach for a charter school.

I am an advocate for teachers and their impact on learning, their role in partnering with parents, and their contribution to the progression of a student’s success. Student gains and academic excellence result from teachers who are passionate about their students and utilize best practices and instructional strategies in their classroom.  Hence, the reason I enjoy working for TeacherReady. It is exciting to be a part of an educational program that prepares students to meet the needs of the ever changing educational profession.