Aleta SchexnayderInstructor

Started with TeacherReady:
August 30, 2016


Bio and Teacher Training:

I am originally from Louisiana, but I have taught and/or supervised special education and elementary education in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida. I earned a doctor of philosophy degree in special education from the University of Southern Mississippi where I also served as adjunct faculty. I have been an instructor for the TeacherReady Online Teacher Certification Program Lesson 6 since 2016.

My career has been a joy and a lifelong learning experience. As a mentor to beginning teachers, I think I have learned from them as much as they may have learned from me. My motto is “Always put the student first in your plans and your instruction.” With this in mind, plan to get to know the needs and strengths of each child, and let that information guide you. Success will come to the children and to you.