Teaching Gives Life Chances to Children

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Teaching Gives Life Chances to Children. Each year in August our friends at Studer Education showcase select school district executives and their leadership teams at What’s Right in Education in Chicago. In 2016, more than 200 educational leaders attended. The event’s Twitter feed (#WRIE) offers takeaways which highlight how school district leaders are all in, all of the time when it comes to improving their school districts and their students’ learning experience. As we begin a new school year a great reminder that our work is all about the kids, via #WRIE:

Life Chances

Student Focused Be IntentionalBe SupportiveBe Supportive 2


Are you interested in giving life chances to kids by becoming a teacher? Now’s the time to get started. Be one of the more than 200 TeacherReady teacher candidates beginning with us as the start of the new school year commences. By starting now, these future teachers have the opportunity to complete their professional certificate within the upcoming school year. Join us today, make a difference in the classroom tomorrow.


If you want to become a teacher, we can help. TeacherReady offer you the opportunity to earn your online teaching certification. The program was developed for teachers by teachers to create better classrooms and brighter futures.


If you’re an educational leader, learn more about attending Studer Education’s What’s Right in Education for cross-district leadership teams or Destination High Performance for executive leaders by emailing Erica at Erica.Callaway@StuderEducation.com or Ryan at Ryan.Hess@StuderEducation.com.

Studer Education partners with education systems to achieve measurable results that produce positive outcomes in student achievement, employee engagement, support services, and financial efficiencies and productivity. The goal of Studer Education’s work with school districts and executive leaders is to provide students with a great place to learn, teachers with a great place to teach, and parents with confidence that their children are getting a great education. Visit us online at http://studereducation.com. Studer Education is a division of Studer Group and a recipient of the 2010 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

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