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Our goal at TeacherReady is to help our teacher candidates earn a professional teaching certificate in the State of Florida and become successful first year teachers. The TeacherReady curriculum was developed with the assistance of national board certified teachers and is grounded in research by Wong, Black, Wiliam, Stiggins, Marzano, Hattie, and others. The Teaching ALWAYS Actions are part of the curriculum and are actions that a teacher must do each day to be successful in creating an engaged classroom where students are learning. Action 1: Procedures!

teaching always actions

Procedures: Have a well-managed classroom with clearly defined rules and a specific system for doing things will ensure that students understand the teacher’s expectations.

The ultimate goal is to get the first day of school off to a good start by communicating and teaching students about the rules and procedures. Students, much like teachers, want to work in environments where consistency is applied and fairness remains a priority. Remember, students gain better opportunities to engage in learning when they feel safe and cared about. Establishing rules and procedures affords students this safety.

We find the majority of students engage in learning when teachers continuously communicate, teach, and assess classroom rules and procedures. Remember, when considering rules and procedures, what we permit, we promote. Students learn when they know what is expected of them; this applies not only to learning targets, but using rules and procedures to communicate expected behavior and actions.


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