Successful #Teachers Reflect on Their Work

Caught in a failing routine?  Great teachers reflect on their work to assess what has been successful and what has not, asking themselves and their students:

Stoplight ReportWhat’s working well? Are there areas for improvement? Are there barriers that keep me from teaching at my best? Are there barriers that keep students from learning?

When teachers do this quick self-assessment, they may also look at their daily plans and decide what to cut out the next time they do the lesson or what needs more focus. Check out the simple assessments below that can help you evaluate your long term effectiveness as a classroom teacher.

The Effective Teacher GPA. TeacherReady teacher candidates complete a self-assessment in their text Who’s Engaged? Climb The Learning Ladder To See by Janet Pilcher. The “Effective Teacher GPA” is an online assessment where teachers grade themselves on 12 statements. Try it! Grade yourself with an A, B, C, D, or F, and then calculate your score to see how effective you are in the classroom. After grading yourself, Pilcher suggests focusing on one item to improve and outlining associated actions for improvement by answering:

What one thing will I stop doing to be more effective?

What one thing will I start doing to be more effective?

Some states provide teachers with self-assessment tools to help them write their professional goals for the year.  Check out the self-assessment from Vermont and note how it considers community involvement and parent communication. Are you a teacher that needs help to find the areas where you really need the most improvement? Visit here. After self-assessing, a guide helps you reflect on your answers to develop professional goals that will support your growth as a teacher and as a professional.


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