Teacher Appreciation Week – Teachers Matter

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It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and today we share from students… Teachers Matter. [#TeachersMatter].



Students are fortunate to to have many great teachers that help them become engaged learners and make a difference in their lives. The student voices today help us to see that teachers matter; that they have purpose, do worthwhile work, and are making a difference. Teachers are their heroes. #ThankATeacher


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via YouTube “Secret Love Project for Mrs. Froehlich,” described online as “This is a video project dedicated to Edina High School teacher, Jessica Froehlich. An essential member to the EHS community, Ms. Froehlich, known to many as Froeh-Froeh, has brought joy to countless students throughout her years as an english teacher and choreographer.”

via YouTube “BMCHS Students Read Nice Tweets,” described online as “Bishop McGuinness Students Read Nice Tweets.”

Photo cite: Blakes Business Coach

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