Create Learning Environments where Students want to Learn

Student EngagementOur goal as teachers is to create learning environments where students want to learn and gain confidence when they experience success. Students who feel cared for and are engaged will improve their performance in the classroom. Students will learn best with teachers who: care about them, like being in the classroom, engage them in the learning process, recognize their progress, believe in them, and teach them as individuals. Asking students for feedback is an important step towards knowing if your students are engaged. The Student Engagement Scale uses two series of questions to check-in with students for assessment purposes, using a scale of 1 to 5 to measure engagement.

Check if your elementary students believes:

  • I know how to do good work
  • I know what I need to do to improve
  • I feel encouraged to try again when I make a mistake
  • I feel my teacher cares about me

Check if your high school student believes:

  • I know what the learning expectations are in my classroom
  • Our goals make me feel that the work I do is important
  • My teacher talks to me about my progress on a regular basis
  • I come to class each day wanting to learn

Having students reflect on items like these can help you to assess if your classroom environment is a positive one, and if students feel cared for and engaged. As a teacher, reflecting on these answers gives you the opportunity to increase student engagement, and improve performance in the classroom.



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