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Military Spouse UnderemploymentAre you a military spouse who wants to teach?

A recent study commissioned by Blue Star Families found that 43% of military spouses are jobless or approximately 17% higher than the jobless rate for a comparable civilian population. In addition, the study estimates that military spouses who hold a bachelor’s degree earn 40% less than the same comparable population and are increasingly underemployed. The Milspouse Employment Study was picked up by the Associated Press and was published across several news outlets over the Memorial Day weekend (see NBC4i, ABCNews, and Yahoo for examples).

According to the 2015 Military Family Lifestyle Survey completed by Blue Star Families in collaboration with Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families, spouse employment is one of the top five issues faced by military families (cite). While 45% have a full- or part-time job, 58% are not working and would like to be employed outside of the home.

Teaching offers a perfect career opportunity for military spouses interested in employment, and the University of West Florida’s TeacherReady online curriculum provides a flexible, learn anytime and anywhere, option for military spouses around the world to earn a professional teaching certificate/license. If you are a military spouse (or veteran!) with a bachelor’s degree and want to become a teacher, let us assist you!

Funding Options

Do you know about and are you eligible for myCAA? In a recent conversation with the University of West Florida’s Military and Veterans Resource Center, one of the career counselors shared that TeacherReady is “a shoe-in” for MyCAA funding which assists military spouses who need professional credentials.

Have you checked out the Military Spouse Education and Career Opportunities which has job listings, career counseling, and other assistance?

Troops to Teachers helps active duty, career-seeking veterans, and retired military transition into teaching.  Troops to Teachers mentors candidates and offers stipends of up to $5,000 to eligible participants for educational assistance to qualify for teaching jobs. Northwest Florida Veterans interested in teaching may contact Troops to Teachers at 850-452-1241 or visit http://troopstoteachers.net

UWF and TeacherReady are Military Friendly

The University of West Florida is a military friendly institution, and the TeacherReady program has worked with more than 275 military spouses and 600 service members for an opportunity to earn a professional teaching certificate. Join our next class of TeacherReady teacher candidates and make a difference as a classroom teacher.


1LinkedIn TeacherReady - 300x330For more information about earning a professional teaching certificate or license, contact TeacherReady at 850-898-3949 or visit or connect with current teacher candidates and alumni on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/teacherreadyprogram.

Become a teacher with the assistance of TeacherReady. TeacherReady offers individuals an opportunity to earn a professional teaching certificate from the State of Florida; it was developed by teachers for teachers and is a member of the NCATE/CAEP accredited Professional Education Unit at the University of West Florida.

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