Teacher Appreciation Week and Teachable Moments

“Don’t let teachable moments get away” offers Susan McLeod, a National Board Certified Teacher with more than 25 years in the classroom and a TeacherReady instructor. Offering this advice now, after she was taught it by her mentor teacher as a student teacher:

You should love your students, but don’t ever let them be less than what they could be… Education is going to be their ticket; you’re holding their ticket, Susan. So you make sure, in a gentle way, you hold [each and every student] accountable.

More teachable moments from Ms. McLeod:

School leaders and teachers continue to be challenged to look for solutions that will help them provide every child with an opportunity to earn an excellent education. As teachers we must do everything we can, every day, to show our students they can count on us because they they are valued. Thank you, Ms. McLeod, for sharing examples of Teachable Moments that we can follow.


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