Teach Abroad in China while earning Professional Certification

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The University of West Florida’s TeacherReady has worked with individuals who want to become teachers by offering them an opportunity to earn a professional teaching certificate. These students live across all 50 states and in 95 different countries. Today, we share some experiences of our students who live and teach abroad in China.

“Seeing my students work together to solve problems has been a great reminder of why I wanted to become a teacher. Whether they werechina comparing the similarities of neurons firing and toilets flushing, or how social psychology concepts might impact their own behaviors or the behaviors of people around them it has always been so exciting to see young people work together to learn something new and connect it to the real world.” John A., China

“I think the Student Engagement Framework from TeacherReady has been very beneficial to my practice as a teacher. The feedback loop in particular has helped me provide my students with valuable guidance and practice opportunities as they increase their confidence.” Henry C., China

“As an international teacher, I have really changed the way that I teach in the classroom since I started TeacherReady…  I always did some group work, but still lectured a lot.  However, I have learned that it is a lot more effective to lecture for only 15 minutes or so and then have the students engage in some type of group work.  In teaching English grammar for example, I have found that it is a lot more beneficial for the students to work in groups of three after I give a grammar lesson because then they explain things to each other as they work through their grammar packets.  I have seen a spike in their scores and they don’t mind grammar as much as they once did because it’s now a group based activity instead individual.” Kevin A., China

TeacherReady field placement coordinator, Ms. Tatiana Keith, who leads the team of TeacherReady field placement instructors works with students who teach abroad in China and across the globe on a daily basis. Tatiana says that she can relate to these students’ experiences because she was also a student of TeacherReady and teaching in the US was teaching ‘abroad’ for her! Tatiana is originally from Peru and has taught Spanish and English as a Second Language.


1LinkedIn TeacherReady - 300x330Are you interested in becoming a teacher? Now’s the time to get started! Be one of the more than 200 teacher candidates beginning with us as the start of the new school year commences. By starting now, these individuals have the opportunity to complete their professional certificate within the upcoming school year. Join us today, make a difference in the classroom tomorrow.

Know someone who would be a great teacher? For more information about earning a professional teaching certificate or license, contact TeacherReady at 850-898-3949 or visit or connect with current teacher candidates and alumni on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/teacherreadyprogram.

Become a teacher with the assistance of TeacherReady. TeacherReady offers individuals an opportunity to earn a professional teaching certificate from the State of Florida; it was developed by teachers for teachers and is a member of the NCATE/CAEP accredited Professional Education Unit at the University of West Florida.


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