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Today is the first day of school in Santa Rosa County School District, Florida, and Superintendent Tim Wyrosdick was on this morning’s news sharing his excitement welcoming students, their parents, and teachers and staff on opening day. During the interview on WEAR television, the reporter mentioned that the district is welcoming over 200 new teachers; the following video clip is Superintendent Wyrosdick’s response welcoming and supporting new teachers to the district (WEAR TV ABC 3, Pensacola, Florida).

School systems lose too many new teachers during their first semester, first year, and first three years of teaching. Too often schools successfully recruit and hire these teachers, but don’t do enough to retain them for the long haul. Some don’t even make it through their first 90 days—the most difficult time in a new teacher’s professional life. In fact, of those teachers who leave in their first three years of teaching, about one-third leave within the first 90 days.

Thus, Superintendent Wyrosdick’s actions of rounding on or engaging with each new teacher within the first 45 days of the school year is grounded in best practice research. He knows that the first 90 days at a new school are crucial for new teachers, and for new “experienced” teachers too. This is because it is during those 90 days that these teachers must make their biggest adjustments to their new environment.

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8/15/2016. Video clip via live television screen capture of WEAR TV ABC 3, Pensacola, Florida. WEAR TV online at

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