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During the summer, many teachers spend quality time with family, go on family vacations, take online courses, attend teacher trainings and plan for the coming school year. Some teachers like to spend the summer months to supplement their income.  Several summer opportunities include tutoring, housesitting, dogwalking, camp counseling, online teaching, and freelance writing. We chose 6 ideas for you to consider if you want to use your teaching skills in a new way this summer.


There are many different tutoring companies that hire for the summer. The type of available tutoring possibilities depends on your area but one well-known nationwide company is Sylvan Learning Center. For the past 40 years, Sylvan has hired certified teachers with experience to meet the individualized needs of students. Their tutoring courses include reading, wtiting, math, study skills, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and homework support. Also, they offer academic coaching, test preparation and college readiness courses. Summer is a popular time for students who need reinforcement, repetition and preparation for the next school year.


Have you ever wished you could go back to summer camp? If yes, then this is the perfect opportunity. Being a camp counselor can be challenging but rewarding. You can work with children of all ages and you will discover ways to improve the teaching and learning activities in your classroom. Good teachers make great camp counselors!



The YMCA is a wonderful option for teachers who would like to work through the summer. The ‘Y’ offers many educational programs and summer camps for kids of all ages. The YMCA is a popular choice for parents looking for a place for their kids to have fun and learn at the same time.



If you are a teacher who has young children of your own, you might consider offering child care services in your home. You will be able to spend time with your children and make money by taking care of several other children, preferably of similar ages. Parents will be interested in sending their child to a certified teacher who has experience in working with children.



VipKid is an online teaching program that offers full immersion English classes to Chinese children, ages 4-12. This program allows teachers to pick their own hours, be their own boss, work from home and make an attractive salary. Operating out of Beijing and San Francisco, VipKid hires teachers throughout the U.S. and Canada to offer this international learning experience. The curriculum has been developed and teachers simply have to follow its lessons. In a previous blog titled ‘Teaching the English Language Everywhere’, we explained that English is the most studied language in the world today.



Another suggestion for summer income is to work as a test prep instructor. Many students struggle to score well on standardized tests required to enter specific colleges and universities. Some of the more common tests include the SAT (Scholastic Achievement Test), ACT (American College Testing), GRE, (Graduate Record Examination) and the LSAT (Law School Scholastic Achievement Test). Test prep instructors undergo rigorous training and receive excellent compensation. There are many summer job options for test prep instructors.

We hope you find our top 6 choices for summer jobs helpful. There are a wealth of opportunities for teachers to get summer jobs. A few of our favorite summer job websites are:


Teachers, we wish you a wonderful summer 2019. As you know all too well, it will be over before you know it.
Make it a great summer and a happy new school year!

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