Science intersects with Art at STEAM 2017 Art Exhibition at UWF

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STEAMScience intersects with art at the STEAM 2017 Art Exhibition at the University of West Florida. STEAM represents science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. The art exhibition invites students and their teachers to explore the integration of these fields. Here’s a bit more from UWF’s event description:

The STEAM 2017 Art Exhibition will explore the integration of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics to determine how those fields can influence the preservation of a clean environment. The exhibition will include artistic work from both artists and scientists from across the nation.  It was created to encourage meaningful dialogue between University departments and various fields of study, while sparking conversations surrounding environmental stewardship.

In addition to the art exhibition, the 5-week program of STEAM offers lectures, artist-led workshops, and a series of speakers. The focus for STEAM 2017 is on water and the environment. Check out local experts participating this year, as well as national experts who will participate. A complete list of events can be found here, and check out selections of work from participants here.

Several organizations have free resources for teachers interested in creating classrooms and lessons that explore STEAM. We’ve listed some below and included a link to the website:

We are Teachers STEM/STEAM Lessons, Activities, and Ideas via Pinterest

Museum of Science Fiction’s Deep Ocean Research and Robotics Competition

National Girls Collaborative Project includes exemplary practices and career information, including Women of NASA and Engineer Your Life.

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Photo Credit and Ownership “STEAM 2017”: University of West Florida. Image from UWF.


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