Remain at the forefront
of teaching and learning

Transfer 6 credit hours from your TeacherReady training towards your M.Ed. and start your career leading a classroom and teaching future generations of learners.

Remain at the forefront
of teaching and learning

Transfer 6 credit hours from your TeacherReady training towards your M.Ed. and start your career leading a classroom and teaching future generations of learners.

Salem University offers TeacherReady alumni 6 credit hours toward a Master of Education degree.

At Salem University, the Master of Education degree in curriculum and instruction takes you beyond the foundations of educational theories and techniques and builds upon a variety of teaching and learning specializations. For those who are interested in honing the all-important art of teaching across a range of settings, audiences and ages, the master’s degree in curriculum and instruction online can give you the knowledge to develop new leadership skills, broaden your opportunities for growth or step into positions aimed at training and professional development.

Salem University benefits include:

  • A cutting-edge curriculum prepares you to make a positive impact on students
  • Allows you to serve in a wide variety of subject areas and educational settings
  • Affordable tuition allows for a greater return on investment

Students take one (1) three-credit-hour online course every four (4) weeks for 10 months. The online format offers flexibility and focuses on asynchronous coursework.

Salem’s Master of Education degree program requires the successful completion of 30 credits. Total credit hours include 6 transfer credits from successful completion of the TeacherReady program.

Salem offers several specializations that include:

Higher Education Administration

Gain an understanding of how to effectively lead and communicate in a college or university setting by studying topics like college student development, educational law, financial management, academic administration and student affairs.

Instructional Technology

This specialization aims to equip educators, learning technologists and library media specialists with a broad understanding of instructional technology, curriculum development and instructional design and how to create learning opportunities that meet the needs of PK-12 students today.

Organizational Training and Talent Development

Be a key player in the success of an organization by learning how to analyze organizational and personnel needs, assess potential candidates, manage training and onboarding, support team and group dynamics, and address obstacles in achieving organizational goals.

Special Education Leadership

This specialization addresses the needs of educators, school leadership and service professionals whose common goal is to assure the success of all students who need additional support to meet their learning, emotional and social needs. This specialization provides a framework for graduates to understand and apply educational laws and regulations pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Education (IDEA) Act. Graduates are prepared to lead special education services in a variety of district, school and other settings.

Teacher Leadership

Develop the leadership, communication and advocacy skills you need in order to make a positive impact beyond the classroom and support district families in understanding and shaping education policy at the local, state and national levels.

Teaching and Learning

The Teaching and Learning specialization is for professional educators dedicated to continuing a career goal focused on the art of teaching and learning. The specialization is designed to build student expertise in teaching and learning across settings, audiences and generations. Graduates will be prepared to utilize new classroom instructional leadership skills, better participate in the realization of organization’s educational goals and renew existing professional education credentials.

OR if you are considering Principal or Superintendent Licensure:

Educational Leadership

The M.Ed. in Educational Leadership requires the successful completion of 30 post-bachelor’s credits to qualify for principal licensure or 36 post-bachelor’s credits to qualify for principal, district supervisor, and superintendent licensure. Graduate students may elect to enroll in any of the courses offered to earn a degree, work toward recertification of a professional license or update their knowledge for continuing professional education.

ALL program courses are delivered in a monthly format and completed online with fieldwork and internships conducted in the student’s home school and district. Content courses are one month in duration and internship courses extend over two months. Courses are structured to work within the constraints of full-time employment, allowing you to earn your degree with minimum disruption to your classroom and students.

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