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Have a resume built, but need a little help perfecting it? When applying for a teaching position there are a few simple things you can do to make your resume stand out from the rest.

Gayle Furlow TeacherReadyGayle Furlow, TeacherReady® Field Placement Advisor, shares a few key tips to add to your resume and help you land that dream job:

Check out teacher resume examples that are available online. It is important to add a ‘Career Objective’ at the very beginning of the resume, just under your name. Make the print small, so that perhaps you can get everything on one page. In order to do that, you can simply say ‘References Available Upon Request,’ instead of listing them. Also, you should write a one page cover letter to accompany your resume.

In today’s world of teaching, many interview committees like to see a ‘tangible teaching portfolio’.  You won’t have a comprehensive portfolio until you’ve taught school for a while. You can begin to build your portfolio with artifacts from your field experience hours. Search ‘teaching portfolios’ and you’ll find examples of what these entail. When you are hired, begin collecting more artifacts to use for future teaching positions. We’re talking about things such as student photo action shots; your professional awards; any certificates, even your TeacherReady certificate; complimentary letters from parents, students, colleagues, and administrators; teacher evaluations, etc.

Most public schools have a student enrollment call-in about two or three weeks after school has started. This tells them their final student counts. At this point, teachers can be moved around. Many times, new positions are opened.  All of this will be on the school district ‘vacancy’ webpage, which you should check a few weeks after the start of school in your area. If you know anyone in any of the schools, you should contact that principal about your interest in his/her school. You could also drop off your resume and cover letter, even though hiring is typically done through the HR Department. Principals have a great deal of input in ‘staffing’ their schools–they want the absolute best teachers at their school! Remember the saying: The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Asti Kelley, Teacher Ready®

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