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Respect Teaching. Not sure if you saw the most recent video of six-year old Joahnna engaging with the lyrics of Aretha Franklin’s Respect, but it’s quite spectacular to see how this young dancer channels the song’s message in her expressions:



Wouldn’t it be great to transfer her expression, her attitude to present the song’s message in an unforgettable way, to our work as educators and the work educators do? Consider the research of Dr. Steven Paine presented in this recent post from Lynch, “Respect for Teaching: Why is Education So Low on the Priority List?” (www.theadvocate.org):

[In his research,] Dr. Steven Paine insists, “The U.S. must restore the teaching profession to the level of respect and dignity it enjoyed only a few decades ago. This will not be easy… countries that have been most successful in making teaching an attractive profession have often done so by offering teachers real career prospects and more responsibility as professionals — encouraging them to become leaders of educational reform. This requires teacher education that helps teachers to become innovators and researchers in education, not just deliverers of the curriculum.”

Lynch closes his commentary by challenging readers to “take action to rightly place education where it belongs – as our number one concern. Get involved; make your voice heard and take a stand.” Respect teaching. Share your thoughts with us on Facebook!


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