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We’re heading into the final weeks and months of school—often a time for celebrating high-achievement among colleagues and students. This time of year reinforces what it means to love teaching and learning in schools. This post offers an opportunity to connect our heart and mind via career pride, and to reinforce your love for teaching and learning.


“The ability to help children achieve their best” is one of the 50 Reasons to Love Teaching offered in Joel’s latest post on (here). Is the reason you love teaching included in this list?

I love teaching from the Teacher Network on The Guardian shares comments from teachers about why they (still) love their job and are proud of their profession. Do you share similar experiences?

We Inspire Futures is “a community for educators to collaborate and share ideas… where conversations happen.” One such conversation started by Neil, an elementary teacher in Ontario public schools, offeredWhat I Love About Teaching. Check it out here.

Edutopia™ brings us our final two “quick reads for the week” via Ben Johnson. “Outstanding in Your Field: What It Takes to Be a Great Teacher”Part 1 and Part 2. In these segments, Ben thinks about “What does greatness mean in education?” and then reflects on his journey:

I know I was a good teacher, but I never thought of myself as a great teacher. I certainly had passion, enthusiasm, and creativity, but I never thought I had the stuff for greatness, though I did the best I knew how with the resources that were available.

Ben concludes (in Part 2) that “greatness can be found on every campus and in every school” and he challenges readers to move beyond knowing that they are “good” teachers to becoming “great” teachers.

Quick Reads offers us an opportunity to share some of what we’re reading each week. Today’s focus on #CareerPride returns us to “why” we became educators. Share your “why I love teaching” with us on Facebook!


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