Three Ways to Provide Positive Feedback to Students

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Students want to be rewarded and recognized for their performances. Once given positive feedback, students will respond better to all feedback given.

Ideas for Providing Positive Feedback

  1. Send thank you notes to students. If a student receives a thank you note expressing your appreciation for a specific performance or behavior, imagine the effect that would have on students. It would become an honor receive these notes. Students would strive to get one of these thank you notes from their teachers.
  2. Create a classroom recognition board. On a board Teacher giving positive feedback to studentsplace stars with students’ names and their recognized performance for the week. An example would be to cut out a picture of the student into a star shape and underneath write what was achieved. The achievement can be simple like “Rodney solved 4 out of 5 word problems!” Update the board often so students are steadily feeling recognized for good performances and regularly receiving positive feedback.
  3. Send 3-5 notes home to parents a week. In these notes to parents describe what their child did well this week. Escambia County, Florida implemented this tactic with some of the highest need schools in their county. After they applied the tactic they sent out a survey to all the parents monthly. The survey asked, “How satisfied are you with your child’s learning in Ms. ____ class?” On a five point scale, over 90% of parents rated this question a “4” or “5,” with 70% rating it a “5.”


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